Providing Parameters In Inquiry-based Projects

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Providing parameters in inquiry-based projects
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Providing parameters in inquiry-based projects

  • POSTED ON Wednesday, August 7, 2019

It is important to determine how to gauge the success of a project and convey the expectations at the outset. Remind students at the very beginning of the class that their grades would be based on their process of the projects, not on their final product. Most students found this concept to be freeing in comparison to much of the work they usually complete in their classes. Assessments have to be designed in a way in which students can create something: a lab report, reading the log, art project and a make my essay. Planning a system where the grade is process-based allows students more space to explore their needs and learning. Each scheduled workday should start with a reminder about the timeline and where students should be in the process. In the end, the class neared to the last few periods before the presentations the focus of the allocated time-shifted to the ideas surrounding how to best present finding based on the student’s learning because they are in the middle of research and different sources. Remind those students who struggle in the process that the final product is only the part of the goal.. pay someone to write a paper


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